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Cat Play - Over-Eager Playmate
How much playtime is enough? A feline behaviorist shares expert tips.

Cat Show - It's Show Time
Your cat doesn't have a pedigree, but you think he would do well at a cat show. Find out how to enter one near you.

Cat Care - Your Cat's Petting Preferences
Discover where cats like being petted most. Your cat will thank you for it.

Cat Health - Remember When... ?
Today's cats benefit from advances in all segments of the cat product industry, from toys to food, litter to vitamins.

Cat Health - Proof of Power
Scientific studies may prove what cat lovers have known all along: Petting your cat is good for you.

Help Cats Fight Boredom During the Day
When their people are away, the cats will play. Here are 13 tips to a happy cat at home.

Cat Fun - Your Cat Questions Answered
Peter takes on cat owners' most pressing and provocative questions about their pets.

Cat Humor - My Cat Book Proposals
Peter Gerstenzang, CatChannel?s humor columnist, shares his next works of genius.

The Evolution of Cats
Peter Gerstenzang, CatChannel?s humor columnist, clarifies the mystery of cat history.

Maisie the Cat?s First Birthday Party
Peter Gerstenzang, CatChannel?s humor columnist, dishes on cat birthday party etiquette.

Cat Fun - The Rescue of Ralphie Ryan
My heroic efforts are rewarded with scratches and urine.

Cat & Kitten Experts - Why Does My Cat Drop Toys in the Water Bowl?
A cat owner is curious about his cat’s unusual behavior with his toys.

Are Persians Playful?
CatChannel expert Jeanne Adlon, professional cat sitter, discusses Persians and all cats' need to play.

Safe and Fun Cat Toys
CatChannel expert Jeanne Adlon, professional cat sitter, discusses some of the most-loved cat toys.

Snorting or Spitting?
Are a cat's vocalizations actually a form of hissing? A feline behaviorist explains the difference between snorting and spitting.

Over-Eager Playmate
How much playtime is enough? A feline behaviorist shares expert tips.

Reward Positive Cat and Child Interactions
A feline behaviorist suggests ways to encourage positive encounters between cats and young children.

Benefits of Interactive Play
A feline behavior expert explains why you should make time to play with your new kitten.

CatChannel Exclusive - Meet Tiger Hample
Cat-ching up with the author of Happy Cat Day! and advocate for National Cat Day.

CAT FANCY - Foraging Fun
Make toys that feed your cat’s hunting instinct.

CAT FANCY - Train Your Tabby Today
Teach your cat a new trick.

CatChannel Exclusive - Web Videos Made Easy
Find out all the tools you’ll need and the basic information to make amazing cat videos.

CatChannel Exclusive - More Submissions to CAT FANCY's Annual Cat and Kitten Photo Contest
See more fabulous submissions to one of CAT FANCY's most
popular contests!

Catnip - CatChannel Exclusive:  Catnip Craze
Find out how to score your cat a fix of catnip.

Cover Cats
Do cat owners read more? Find out how fictional felines tend to boost book sales.

Cats in the Classroom
In addition to being pets and friends, cats can also act as valuable teaching tools. CAT FANCY explores the enrichment cats add to learning for children. As second grade teacher Mary Williams explains, I find the kids are willing to do things for the cats that they don't really want to do for me.

Cat News - Cat Proves Best Bet for Online Poker Player
Pet owner credits big win to lucky lap cat.

Monthly Feature - Choosing Safe Cat Toys and Presents
String and toys with glued-on decorations and removable parts are not recommended for cats.

Remote-Controlled Cat Toys
iPet Companion allows feline fans to play with shelter cats online and remotely control their toys.

Prevent Boredom
Keep your kitten entertained with these playtime ideas.

How About Some Catnip?
This herb affects about 70 percent of adult cats, though your kitten may not seem to notice it.

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