Cat Veterinary Information

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Cat Vet Care - Vets on the Go
Do you and your cat dread visits to the veterinarian? Mobile veterinarians deliver health care right to your door.

Cat Vet Care - Consider Pet Health Insurance
Concerned about high vet bills? Learn how to find a veterinary insurance policy that works for you.

Cat Vet Care - Rampant Vet Visits
A few preventive measures can make visits to the veterinarian more pleasant for everyone.

Cat Experts - Living with Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome
Anti-convulsant and anti-obsessional drugs can help your affected cat live a normal life.

Monthly Feature - Exams Stressed During Pet Wellness Month
Twice-a-year check-ups are recommended for cats.

Cat Allergies - New Treatments for Feline Asthma
Recent advances in understanding the disease have helped more cats breathe with greater ease.

Cat Allergies - Gesundheit!
Environmental and medical management may allow some allergic people to still have cats.

Cat Allergies - Stop the Itch!
A single fleabite, fungal disease or food allergy can cause constant scratching.

Cat Allergies - Skin Irritation or Seizures?
Flea allergy may cause chronic itch.

Cat Allergies - Self-Mutilation and Excessive Grooming
Allergies are the most likely cause for extreme grooming behaviors.

Cat Allergies - Is Your Cat Allergic?
You can help stop the itching, licking and biting that drives your cat crazy.

Cat Allergies - Allergy Testing
Does your cat need to see a feline allergy specialist? Allergy testing may help determine proper treatment.

Cat Allergies - Quick Tips: Allergies and Stress
Alternative therapies can help cats with emotionally based skin problems. Learn how to help your "type A" cat cope.

Cat Allergies - Quick Tips: Food Allergies
Does your cat have a food allergy? Look for these signs.

Cat Allergies - Quick Tips: Environment-Specific Allergies
Cats can develop allergies to a number of agents in their environment. Allergy testing can isolate the specific allergen.

Cat Allergies - Quick Tips: Avoiding Allergies
Preventive measures may help your cat avoid allergies and keep it off steroids.

Cat Allergies - Excessive Licking Linked to Allergies?
Lump on a cat's tongue could be a rodent ulcer, or it could be cancer.

Cat Health - New Treatments for Feline Asthma
Recent advances in understanding the disease have helped more cats breathe with greater ease.

Living With Cats - Enslaved by Felinophobia
Understanding people who fear cats is the first step toward freedom. Learn how you can help a person with felinophobia.

Cat Health Guide - An Annual Exam Can Extend Your Cat's Life
Your cat's health needs change with each passing year. Here's a lifetime guide to veterinary visits.

Cat Disease Control - Help Anemic Cats
An effective experimental treatment may offer hope for felines with non-regenerative anemia.

Injury Care and Prevention - Game Over
Strike out your cat's chance to develop cat bite abscesses.

Cat Sickness Prevention - Prevent, Rather Than Treat
Take these steps to help prevent common feline illnesses. Your cat will thank you for it.

Cat Diseases - AIDS vs. FIV
FIV-positive kitten may just carry maternal antibodies. Either way, he's due for neutering.

Cat Diseases - Don't Risk Rabies
Get the facts on how to prevent this serious disease. Vaccination remains the best prevention.

Cat Sicknesses and Diseases - Chronic Renal Failure: What to Expect?
Cats with CRF may need daily fluids to help flush toxins from the blood.

Cat Sicknesses and Diseases - 10 Signs of Cancer
Regular examinations of your cat can help you spot the 10 most common signs of cancer.

Cat Sicknesses and Diseases - Chronic Renal Failure Strikes
With proper care from his owner, a cat with CRF can live a longer life.

Cat Diet and Nutrition - If Your Cat Stops Eating
A cat that does not eat is sick. Treating the symptoms may improve the overall problem.

Cat Sicknesses and Diseases - Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus
Look for the warning signs of FeLV and FIV, and learn how these diseases can be passed from cat to cat.

Cat Skin Problems - Feline Acne Problem
Stress may be the cause of your cat's breakouts. Learn some other common causes, and how to treat feline acne.

Cat Sicknesses and Diseases - Diseases of the Large Bowel
Cats can suffer from several large bowel diseases. Here are descriptions of the three most common types.

Cat Sicknesses and Diseases - Chylothorax - Chylothorax
A rare disorder causes fluid accumulation in the chest. Learn how to recognize and treat this condition.

Cat SIcknesses and Diseases - Revised Testing Guidelines
Prevent the spread of feline leukemia virus and feline immunodeficiency virus. Have your cat tested today.

Cat Sicknesses and Diseases - Feline Hyperthyroidism
Is your cat overly active? It may be exhibiting the classic signs of hyperthyroidism.

Cat Sicknesses and Diseases - Silent Killer
Cardiomyopathy can take a cat's life without warning. Learn to recognize the signs of this disease.

Cat Sicknesses and Diseases - Lower Urinary Tract Disease
Urinary tract disorders can cause pain and difficulty in urination. In severe cases, male cats may become unable to urinate.

Cat Sicknesses and Diseases - Feline Leukemia Virus
FeLV is the number-one deadliest disease among domestic cats. Vaccination is the only defense against this virus.

Cat Sicknesses and Diseases - Rabies
This deadly disease can cause severe illness and death in humans. The most effective way to prevent your cat from contracting rabies is vaccination.

Cat Sicknesses and Diseases - Feline Panleukopenia
Also known as feline distemper, this disease is highly contagious. Learn to recognize the symptoms.

Cat Sicknesses and Diseases - Feline Heartworm Disease
Once just a disease of dogs, heartworms are now recognized as a threat to cats.

Cat Health Guide - Quick Tips: Chicken Soup for Cats
Sick cats often will not eat if they can't smell their food. Tempt your cat to eat by following these tips.

Cat Health Guide - Gassy Kitty
Cats can suffer from painful gas. Learn how to treat and prevent this condition in your pet.

Strange Eating Habits - Cat Eats Dirt
Some cats develop unusual eating habits. If your cat eats dirt, have it examined by a veterinarian to rule out anemia.

Cat Sicknesses and Diseases - Anal Gland Problems
Surgical removal of these glands is possible if problems with impaction and infection continue to occur.

Cat Health Conditions - Patellar Luxation
Kneecap surgery can correct this congenital defect. Consult your veterinarian for a referral to a veterinary orthopedic surgeon.

Cat Sicknesses and Diseases - Bladder Stones
Is your cat suffering from a bladder infection? Learn to recognize the symptoms.

Cat Health Conditions - Quick Tips: Hairballs
Natural remedies can help a cat that has problems with hairballs. Consider one of these solutions.

Cat Health Guide - Five-Point Health Check for Cats
Keep your cat in tip-top shape by practicing preventive medicine at home. Here are five things you can do right away.

Cat Health Conditions - Heart Murmurs
A heart murmur indicates that blood is leaking from one of the heart's valves. This heart valve problem is common in older cats.

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