Asiatic Golden Cat
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Asiatic Golden Cat
Catopuma temminckii

Asiatic golden cats are found in the tropical rainforests of Asia. Their coat is usually a plain brown, gold or red, although some have been seen with melanistic or all black coats. They are about the size of a large dog.
Little is known about the Asiatic golden cat because it is a nocturnal, elusive hunter. What is known comes from observations of the cats in captivity. They are believed to be opportunistic hunters, usually preying upon rodents, birds and lizards. Like most cats, they exhibit territorial behavior such as scent marking and scratching. They prefer to be alone unless for mating, however, captive males can display affection toward their young and actively participate in the kittens' developmental growth. One to four kittens usually comprise a litter.

 Asiatic golden cats are threatened with extinction because of hunters who pursue them for their fur.

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